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Welcome to the website of Gerry Dignan
Céad Míle Fáilte

Gerry Dignan has been called a troubadour for our times. He is an acclaimed singer, retreat leader, composer, and evocateur of universal song for all ages.

For Gerry, singing embodies a practical spiritual practice. He is skilled in many types of music from classical to gospel, folk, liturgical, world chants, ancient, and pop – in many languages, many cultures.

Gerry performs internationally – his joyful, soulful work has brought him anywhere from the United Nations to local churches, moving our deep human spirit in conferences, retreat centers, school assemblies, and for any of life’s milestone events that bring us together: weddings, funerals, special ceremonies, and local and global community events of all kinds, including concerts in the USA, Ireland, and Scotland.

A “hundred thousand welcomes” to our site! Please explore and see how Gerry can bring you both deep contemplation and high celebration through song, in moments that soothe your soul, lift your heart, and make your spirit soar!



The Mystic Path in Song

“Gerry and Denise Dignan bring the greatest gift to us all: the gift of discovering through song and dance who we are and what we yet may be. They invite and evoke a culture of kindness and provide the artistry that allows for new ways of being and doing.…brilliant, evocative and transformative work”

Jean Houston, Ph.D